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I'm Larkin Love - fetish model, dominatrix, and adult film star. Watch my porn here. Also, check out my Femdom tumblr here.

The kind of friend you can have naked bath time wine parties with. #naked #wine #party #love #girls
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Heading to Easter dinner with my family. Yes, I’m picking up the pollo loco. That’s how we roll. #chicken #fuckyourham

supreme-captain-of-earth-bawino asked: Excuse me MissLarkin I don´t know if this will sound weird but i need help. there is thisgirl who I really like(she likes me back too) and want to make her happy in any way possible, but I have a problem when it comes to sex. She has already had a few partners and has donesome kinky stuff and I am still a virgin,I was thinking about hiring an escort so she can teach me at least the basics so when it comes to doing it with it won´t beso awkard for her. Sorry for the bother you I needed to ventout

That’s actually not a terrible idea.  Just make sure you pick a high quality escort - you want a girl who knows her stuff, not a random streetwalker.  Make sure you let the escort know that you’re looking to learn techniques, not just have your dick serviced.  I’m sure she’ll be happy to give you a lesson.  Remember to use proper protection for safer sex!

hen it comes time to get busy with your crush, have fun!  Good luck.  Don’t worry too much about “impressing” your crush.  The point of sex is to make yourself and others feel good.  It’s not a contest.  Just have fun with it, and don’t forget to communicate.  It’s ok to ask a woman what she likes done to her, and how to do it.  Every partner is different.  So ask her!

latexdazed asked: I know there isn't a lot of time left to enter the raffle, but you should contact Fleshbot, and ask them to spread the word. (And encourage others to contact them about you, as well.)

I’ll do that with the next one I offer.  Something tells me I’ll need to do more fundraising before my medical adventure is over… . *sigh* Freaking American healthcare.

True Love. #cat #kitty #mew #meow #snuggle #catsofinstagram #richard #blackcat #spooky #witch #furry #cute
I love each and every one of you. #cute #love #larkinlove #brunette #sexy #nofilter #naughty #blackdress

capedcrusadersean21 asked: Why do you need surgeries?

Because I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome type 3.  It’s a genetic disorder that makes my body fragile, causes chronic pain, and does weird shit to my organs.  I injured both my hands doing household tasks, tearing the joint capsule in one and developing carpel tunnel in the other.  And later this year, I need some ovarian cysts removed.

Oh you.