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laurenslickr said: You're brain is as gorgeous as you are on the outside. I don't usually get into the whole goth thing, but you make it look good. I also love your level-headed advice. I wish you a speedy recovery and for you to be pain free offa all those meds.

You are a kind soul.  Human kindness transcends the earthly connection to cliques. You, my friend, are transcendent.  I’m doing much better. I get better day by day with help from my friends.

Take by mouth, daily. 

I swear to god, I’m getting better, though. 

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Had to take a trip out to #vegas to do my house rental inspection. My #bluehair keeps me cool in the desert heat. I’ll be all moved out here by the end of the month. #wellthatescalatedquickly #imouttahere #nowyouseeher #nowyoudont
My new #backyard is #beautiful . Check out my #pool ! All this for half of what I was paying in #LA
Back here again for the one month follow up. Can you believe it’s been a month since my first #handsurgery ? Check out the #xray behind me. That’s my #pimphand seen from the inside out. 

I’m still taking raffle entries through tomorrow to benefit my medical bills. Check out the entry gifts, Grand prizes, and details here:

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khduyf said: What's the most number of loads your body has ever gotten out of one man in 24 hours? Include it all... Sucking, licking, jacking, fucking, throat gagging, tit fucking, all of it. How much cum have you ever gotten out of man in 24 hours?? :)

10.  And I didn’t do any of the stuff you just listed. It was all prostate massage and hitachi torture.  

amsterfuck said: In your opinion, who's better: Alien or Predator?

Xenomorph all the way.

The medical benefit raffle is still ongoing!  I’m accepting entries until 7/18/14.  Entry gifts for all, and 15 GRAND PRIZES!  Watch the video for details.

Don’t want to watch?  Read all about the raffle here.  

Buy your entries here.

Where’s the money going? Health update here.

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Hanz offered to toss my salad. How can I refuse? #tossedsalad #naughty #yummy #olivegarden