Larkin Love

I'm Larkin Love - fetish model, dominatrix, and adult film star. Watch my porn here. Also, check out my Femdom tumblr here.

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After seducing you with my striptease skills, I approach you on the couch, open up your pants, and pull out your hard, throbbing cock.  I work your shaft expertly with my mouth, using my long tongue to tickle your balls and tease the underside of the head.  When you’re nice and sloppy with spit, I drool on my chest and slide you in between my moistened tits.  Have you ever fucked titties this big?  I know you haven’t!  I can feel you shudder as my soft flesh completely envelops your dick.  But believe it or not, all this foreplay is just a warm-up for the ride to come.
  • 24 March 2012
  • 22